Red Summer Exhibit

An outdoor exhibit at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Client: National Center for Civil and Human Rights

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is a museum located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia that is dedicated to the achievements of both the civil rights movement in the United States and the broader worldwide human rights movement.

Client’s Vision

The NCCHR worked to showcase Wendel White’s Red Summer series documenting the sites of 1919 racial uprisings in the United States. The center's vision was to create an outdoor exhibit that the community, educational groups, and tourists can walk through in guided or self-guided tours. Durability, graffiti resistance and high-impact exhibits were the goals. Each display unit needed to be moved and positioned anywhere on the property. With the help of VSP Marketing Group, customized exhibits were designed, built and installed on target during the summer of 2019.

Our Approach

Phase 1 of the project involved engineering, design and fabrication work in our shop. The VSP team devised and built weather-impervious aluminum hinged boxes that held sand for weighting to ensure that the displays would be stable and not fall over.

During the second phase of the project we engineered the display panels. To create the panels, we used TW360C materials that we have patented that provide anti-graffiti and weather resistant durability.

The installation was the final phase of the project. Our team traveled to Atlanta, Georgia and installed the displays on the NCCHR facility's grounds according to the exhibit architects' specifications.